The Raw Materials Summit will include keynotes by prominent speakers from the raw materials research and innovation field, representatives of the European Commission, high profile entrepreneurs, startups, NGOs and investors.





DAY 1Monday, 23 May 2022





EU policy leaders discuss why Europe must be poised to lead the raw material revolution

The International Energy Agency says that in order to achieve the 2030 and 2050 climate targets will mean a quadrupling of mineral requirements by 2040. Currently, we have significant mineral reserves in Europe and unprecedented opportunities to tap. EU Policy Leaders discuss the big picture, what’s next and why securing Raw Materials is so fundamental for Europe’s future now.


  • Bernd Schäfer - CEO, Managing Director, EIT RawMaterials

  • Maroš Šefčovič - Vice-President of the European Commission

  • Mariya Gabriel - European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

  • Philippe Varin - Head of French Governmental Mission on Critical Materials


PANEL DISCUSSION: Building a world-leading Raw Materials industry for Europe is one of the single biggest urgencies we now face.  What will it take using the best of science, technological modernisation, disruptive innovation, public acceptance, bold leadership and more rigorous long term planning to transform Europe into a world-leading economy?


  • Benedikt Zeumer - Partner and Senior Expert in Metals & Mining Practice, McKinsey

  • Colin Mackey - Managing Director Jadar and European Operations, Rio Tinto

  • Dirk Harbecke - Chairman, Rock Tech Lithium

  • Hildegard Bentele - CDU, MEP 

  • Julia Poliscanova - Senior Director Vehicles & E-mobility, Transport & Environment

  • Mikael Staffas - President & CEO, Boliden


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PANEL DISCUSSION: Raw Materials to power the green transition

E-vehicles and hydrogen-powered vehicles are gaining momentum – but during increasingly tumultuous times.  What are the implications for industry and for technologies in their transition to clean energy?

Today, with global demand for e-vehicles on the rise, so is the pressure for the EV industry to minimise its carbon emissions in the production process.  In parallel, there is also unprecedented momentum for hydrogen as an alternative and clean energy solution, but at present roughly 95% of globally sourced hydrogen production comes from fossil fuels. By joining this session, you will learn from Europe’s leading players on the frontline who will share insights as to what they are doing, seeing and planning ahead for.



  • Chris Heron - Director for Communication & Public AffairsEUROMETAUX​

  • Christophe Schramm - VP of Products, Marketing and Strategy, Symbio

  • Constantine Karayannopoulos - CEONeo Performance Materials

  • Marie-Noëlle Dessinges - Technology Transfer Center Manager, GENVIA

  • Naomi Chevillard - Head of Regulatory Affairs, Solar Power Europe

  • Olivier Colas - Director of Public Affairs, BlueSolutions


PANEL DISCUSSION: Magnesium Implications on EU Industry from the current constraints

The panel will address several key topics including the need to diversify supply, the need for a more even playing field, and the need for EU policymakers to intensify their efforts to develop a robust industrial strategy for the magnesium shortage, to see Aluminum as a key enabler to achieving carbon neutral and circular value chains. There should be tailor-made policies and incentives for such strategic value chains in Europe, reflecting their importance to the economy and society. So what is needed to make this happen?



  • Dr Bernd Martens - Chairman, Verde Magnesium

  • Joaquim Nunes de Almeida - Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs, European Commission 

  • Martin Tauber - European Representative, International Magnesium Association 

  • Paul Voss - Director General, European Aluminium

  • Rob van Gils - CEO, Hammerer Aluminium Industries 

  • Sigrid de Vries - Secretary-General, CLEPA – The European Association of Automotive Suppliers


Business Ideas for Raw Materials: Venture Forum

Join us for the opening of the Venture Forum, featuring start-up and scale-up pitching as well as networking for entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses. This session will highlight two successful start-up case studies and learn how industry is tackling the innovation challenge.



  • Martin Kern - Director, EIT



  • Edward Murray - CEO, Greeniron

  • Marion Lenoir - Head of Open Innovation, Eramet Ideas

  • Teresa Oberhauser - EU Project Lead, Circularise




DAY 2 – Tuesday, 24 May 2022


Opening and introduction to Day 2



Critical but not rare: Building European rare earth and permanent magnets value chain

Boosting a European rare-earth and magnets and motors value chain: A close look at the entire value chain that enables a thriving European mobility industry - from rare earth production to product design and the needs of OEMs.


Light-weighting and high-performance materials

How do we transition from high-performance products design to holistic industrial supply management? With traditional materials increasingly facing supply challenges and with new raw material substitutes emerging, the challenge to perform and achieve sustainability levels is not as easy as it sounds. This session will provide an overview from companies in the aerospace and automotive sector.


Driving decarbonisation: the battery materials value chain


The development of Europe’s first lithium mines to supply the region’s electric-vehicle battery industry is gathering pace with several companies saying they are on track to open in the next few years. How is Europe minimising environmental impact, what is the current state of play on battery factories, certification, traceability and standardisation and what are the raw material impacts of the next battery breakthroughs?

Speakers for parallel session A

  • Alberto Bollero - Senior Research Professor, IMDEA Nanociencia 

  • Aleksander Pashnev - Program Manager, CSR Europe

  • Badri Veluri - President, REIA

  • Erik Eschen - CEO, Vacuumschmelze

  • Frédéric Carencotte - Founder, Carester

  • Sophia Kalantzakos - Global Distinguished Professor, Environmental Studies and Public Policy, New York University

  • Thor Bendik Weider - Chairman, REE Minerals

Speakers for parallel session B

  • Alessio Lorusso - Founder & CEO, Roboze

  • Claudio Mus - Technical - R&D Director, Endurance Overseas

  • Ines Van Lierde - Secretary-General, EuroAlliages

  • John Stokes - Sales Area Manager, IDRA Srl

  • Laurent Jara - VP Metallic Material Procurement, Airbus

  • Markus Reuter - Chief Expert, SMS Group

Speakers for parallel session C

  • Daniele Pullini - R&D Integration Manager, Stellantis

  • Maria Sunér - CEO, SVEMIN

  • Martin Phillips - CEO Europe and COO, Talga Group

  • Matti Hietanen - CEO, Finnish Minerals Group

  • Matthew James - President & CEO, Euro Manganese


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Greenland molybdenum mining project and its product applications in Europe's high-performance steel industry

Greenland Resources Inc will present its world-class Malmbjerg molybdenum project located in central east Greenland and its product application to the world-leading European ultra-high-strength steels industry and the European Green Deal.


  • Dr Ruben Shiffman - Executive Chairman, Greenland Resources

  • Dr Hardy Mohrbacher - Managing Director - NIOBELCON


How can we maximise the opportunities of circularity in raw materials?

This session explores the opportunities for the raw materials sector offered by a Circular Economy approach, decreasing import dependency while increasing sustainability.


  • Emeric Malefant - Head of EV Battery Recycling, Veolia

  • Luca Meini - Head of Circular Economy, ENEL Group

  • Philippe Giaro - Circular Wallonia

  • Rachel Lombardi - Director of Business Development, International Synergies Ltd

  • Reinhard Bütikofer - Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, MEP

  • Roland Scharf-Bergmann - SVP and Head of Center of Excellence for Recycling, Hydro Aluminium Metal




Responsible sourcing: opportunities for the European mining sector

Mining is a fundamental building block of the energy transition and digital transformation. In addition to economic and geopolitical concerns, responsible mining operations in Europe today must have the lowest possible environmental impacts, must keep people safe and healthy, safeguard jobs, provide vital support and education to local communities and stakeholders - all while delivering outstanding efficiency, safety and positive impact on the twin transition and society at large. Europe has the resources and the ability to reduce the footprint of materials for the twin transition. In this session, we explore what actions are needed to turn good intentions into real impact and what roadblocks need to be cleared along the way.


  • Anders Sand - Research Manager, Boliden

  • Finn Tore Sylte - Director of the Board, Rare Earths Norway

  • Katie Ryall - Principal for Corporate Relations & Sustainable Impact, AngloAmerican

  • Mark Rachovides - President, Euromines  

  • Slavko Solar - Economic Affairs Officer, Sustainable Energy Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

  • Tobias Kind-Rieper - Global Lead Mining & Metals, WWF


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Attracting innovators – how start-ups can benefit the raw and advanced materials value chain

As part of the European Green Deal, attracting and promoting disruptive innovation, especially by SMEs and startups to deliver breakthrough Green Deal innovation is crucial. EIT RawMaterials ensures the conditions, toolbox and funding to rapidly increase SMEs and startups, the foundation for triggering European industrial competitiveness.  


  • Katarina Öquist - R&D Manager Technology and Innovation Underground Division, Epiroc 

  • Martin Spitznagel - CEO, Bind-X

  • Dr Petya Gutzmer - CEO, ERZLABOR 

  • Stefano Menegazzi - Innovation Project Manager, Hub Innovazione Trentino

  • Victoire de Margerie - Founder & Vice Chairman, World Materials Forum

  • William Stevens - Managing Director, Tech Tour




From lab to market – opportunities for creating a unique collaborative environment for innovations to address raw materials challenges

The workshop aims to build the capacity and strengthen the transnational R&I community in primary and secondary raw materials focusing on the cooperation of ERA-MIN with EIT RawMaterials. It further aims to shape and facilitate a multi-stakeholder community of practice, support primary and secondary RM exploitation in research, business, and policy, and establish or strengthen links with other complementary European initiatives and projects interested in cooperating to address common challenges.


  • Dina Carrilho - Coordinator of ERA-MIN, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

  • Tina Benda - Regional Innovation Scheme Manager, EIT RawMaterials


DAY 3 – Wednesday, 25 May 2022


PANEL DISCUSSION - How do we develop the skills and talent needed for a carbon-neutral European raw materials industry?

From the opening of new lithium mines in Europe to the creation of large-scale facilities for battery cell production, the importance of developing new skills and attracting new talent is paramount. Industries involved in these fast-moving value chains are in need to upskill and reskill personnel urgently to meet the challenges associated with the reduction of environmental impacts. Young talent is strongly motivated by the possibility of a greener, carbon-neutral future; they have high ethical standards and a digital mindset. Is academia ready to equip them with the right skills? What do they actually need to enter this labour market? Is the industry ready to work with this new generation of workers?


  • Guido Sonnemann - Professor, Université de Bordeaux

  • Jarkko Partinen - VP Technology and R&D, Metso Outotec

  • Jarkko Vesa - Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment Finland 

  • Katarina Borstedt - Director of Growth, Northvolt

  • Luca Perego - Head of Unit - Innovation and EIT, European Commission

  • Peter Moser - Vice Rector, Montanuniversität Leoben

  • Sol Villar - Senior VP Organisation and HR, Atlantic Copper

  • Sophie Grenade - Policy Adviser, IndustriAll Europe


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PANEL DISCUSSION - Investing in Europe’s future:

Investing opportunities in the raw materials value chain are more dynamic than ever.  This session provides a unique insight from Europe’s top investors who will discuss their criteria for identifying raw materials investment projects that are aligned with EC Policy and the Green Deal objectives.  They will reveal the full scope of wealth opportunities that raw materials represent to European investors as well as the challenges that businesses must overcome to align environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments with business strategy.


  • Christophe Roux - Managing Director, Mining, Metals and Industries Finance, Regional Head EMEA & CIS, Société Générale

  • Fabian Erismann - Partner, Earth Resource Investment Group

  • Henrike Hahn - Member of the European Parliament, Group of the Greens

  • Massimo Gasparon - ERMA Director, EIT RawMaterials

  • Natalia Larcozana - Senior Banker, EBRD

  • Vincent Veron - Head of Transition Minerals, Metals & Batteries, BNP Paribas



What next? Ideas and actions on how to secure raw materials for Europe


  • Bernd Schäfer - CEO, Managing Director, EIT RawMaterials

  • Thierry Breton - European Commissioner the Internal Market