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The RM Summit creates opportunities for students and industries to liaise and explore possibilities for internships, Master and PhD programmes. Dedicated booth will showcase the Raw Materials Academy programs and additional booth space will be available for EIT RawMaterials’ funded projects to present available education offer in specific areas within the raw materials value chain. The programme dedicated to Education will run over 2 Days:


DAY 2 - 21 MAY 2019

Talent Exchange: match-making between students and companies will start in the afternoon and continue until the end of the RM Summit.  

  • For companies: Are you a company willing to meet our Alumni network? 20 booths places are available for you to come and meet our students and entrepreneurs, we are the biggest education network on RawMaterials in Europe. If you have internship placements to offer, PhD grants or jobs, take advantage of the Raw Materials Summit and come network with talented young people from all around Europe. 

  • For students: meet our industrial partner and explore internship and job opportunities, to hand-in your CV, talk to students and alumni about their businesses and job perspectives. 


DAY 3 - 22 MAY 2019 


  • It is our pleasure to have Prof. Thomas Cooney, Professor in Entrepreneurship at the Dublin Institute of Technology, as an invited speaker to elaborate on how employees, management and organisations can become more entrepreneurial for the benefit of the ecosystem. read more

  • Dr. Rima Dapous, Director of Education at EIT RawMaterials, will  showcase the EITRM’s education offer, emphasising how modern pedagogigics and business content is integrated in the curriculum of science and engineering programme. Let us talk about how the mind-set of young European students in changing today, towards a more entrepreneurially minded workforce


  • Presentation of EIT RM’s Alumni organisation and RM’s Alumni workshop: EIT RawMaterials Alumni will be taking part in EIT RawMaterials’ flagship event.  As part of the event, Alumni will be leading a workshop on creativity and team work. This workshop will give you the chance to meet and interact with up to twenty EIT RawMaterials alumni, to participate in a collaborative survival challenge exercise and reflect on the strength of diverse teams. You will be given a real-life survival scenario and will have to decide yourself what you would need for survival before working with others in your team to come up with a consensus solution. This is a chance to meet and work with others, including a range of EIT RawMaterials alumni, in an engaging and enjoyable experiment in decision-making in diverse teams.

  • Are you a student, an entrepreneur or a jobseeker? Are you a member of EIT RawMaterials Alumni? Join us! Are you employed? We’d love you to join us too. Find out more and register on the button below.

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