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Please find in the download section below all available (permitted) presentations ordered by session and speaker.

Resources: Discovery and Beyond

John Guven, , Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences


Minerals: Europe IS the Future

Minerals Processing and Materials Recycling


Christian Binder, OUTOTEC

MONICALC – Kaolin calcination with variable energy input – results of an EIT RM funded project​

Paivi Kinnunen, VTT

METGROW+ Metal Recovery from Low Grade Ores and Wastes

Phil Newman, Anglo American

The ITERAMS project

Peter Hayes, The University of Queensland

Current Challenges in Metallurgical Engineering

Resource Efficiency in Cities


Materials for Future Mobility

Claudio Mus, Endurance Overseas

E-Mobility: threat or new opportunities for aluminium?

Erik Svedlund, Epiroc

Battery electrification drives mining forward

Guillame Claude, CEA

Battery activity : Advanced Li metal electrodes

Deep, Intelligent Mining

Marko Antila, VTT

The boost of production with advanced noise protection in harsh mining conditions

Marc Borbas, Infomine

New strategies for closing the skills gap

Stefan Savonen, LKAB

LKAB - on our way to sustainable mining and processing

Advanced Materials: enablers for disruptive Innovation


Philippe Jacques, EMIRI

How Advanced Materials will help EU to reach a Carbon-neutral Society by 2050

Prof. Maurizio Vedani, Politecnico di Milano

Design of new alloys for metal additive manufacturing

"Stepping Up International Cooperation" by FORAM Network


Stefan Bringezu, Uni Kassel

Towards a standard protocol of the environmental performance of materials

Marcin Sadowski, European Commission - Executive Agency for SMEs

International cooperation in H2020 raw materials projects

Asja Mrotzek-Bloess, Clausthal University of Technology

International cooperation in research and university education

Peder Jensen, International Resource Panel

Mineral Resource Governance in the 21th century

Martine Rohn-Brossard, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment

Mineral Resource Governance


Thoralf Hagenbruch, McKinsey

Battery materials take a flight


Dr. Andreas Klossek, EIT RawMaterials

EIT RawMaterials Acceleration Programmes


Dr. Stefano Odorizzi, EnginSoft

Leveraging effective interrelationships between academia and industry for business success in industry 4.0


Dr. Rima Dapous, Education Director EIT RawMaterials

Raw Materials Academy


Denis Gontcharov, President EIT RawMaterials Alumni

EIT RawMaterials Alumni


René Kleijn, Leiden University

Metal demand for renewable electricity generation in the Netherlands; navigating a complex supply chain



Arnoldas Milukas, European Commission EASME

Funding of Raw Materials R&I under H2020

Liesbeth Horckmans, VITO, and Elisabeth Clausen, RWTH Aachen

Raw Materials in H2020 :  Societal Challenge 5 & EIT from a researcher's perspective

Norbert Zajzon, University of Miskolc

Today’s exploration for future exploitation: UNEXMIN Underwater Explorer for Flooded Mines

Liesbeth Horckmans, VITO 

CHROMIC - How to recover metals from slags?


Tjerk Wardenaar, PNO Consultants 

COLLECTORS: waste collection for the circular economy

Pamela Lesser, University of Lapland

Toward a European Model of SLO

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