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Connecting technology/science innovation in the RM Sector for green energy transition

Raw Materials and advanced materials are the key enablers for the transition in the energy and mobility sector. Securing sustainable supply of raw materials, promoting innovation and tech and mobilising mineral and metals sector in Europe as well as strengthening resilience of strategic EU value chains are the key priorities for the economic environmental and societal challenge in Europe. 


Minerals and metals are essential in securing a transition to green energy technologies, securing sustainable economic growth and securing access to clean and efficient consumer technologies, contributing to a resource efficient society and meeting 2050 climate goals. (As outlined in the EU Green Deal for Europe.)


RM SUMMIT 2020 will rethink the Raw Materials industry, discuss innovation and digitalization along the entire raw materials value chain, for the transition to green energy supply across the economy industry, production and consumption, large scale infrastructure, e-mobility and transport, electronics and construction.


RM Summit session will discuss on how innovation and technology will deliver the transformational change for the RM sector and will be most beneficial for the EU economy, society and environment.


The topics will include:

  • RM and clean energy transition

  • Transition to climate neutrality, smart infrastructure, circular societies

  • Mobilising research and foster innovation

  • How new tech, sustainable solutions and disruptive innovation are critical to achieve the objectives of Horizon Europe programme. 

  • Sessions with on collaboration among higher education institutions, research and technology organisations and industry will play a pivotal role in making Europe the first climate neutral continent

  • We will discuss new standards for sustainable raw materials, showcasing CERA certification project, supporting EU global ambition in becoming a leader in sustainable products and services 


Digitalization and data driven innovation combined with digital infrastructure and AI solutions are key innovation areas in the rm sector. Digital transformation in the RM sector will support the resource efficiency and the ecological transition of the industry.


The RM Summit 2020 will gather members from the world’s largest innovation community in the raw materials sector across the entire value chain discussing key innovation and technology solutions, showcasing top projects scheduled to launch to the market. 


Meet policy makers and EU stakeholders to discuss EU strategies in relation to raw materials supply and access and how we can shape the education programmes of tomorrow, raise new talent needed for the. Top innovators and entrepreneurs will present their ideas and showcase their companies, new products, processes and services needed for the industry.

The program/parallel sessions

The summit program will include keynotes by prominent speakers from the raw materials research field, representatives of the EU Commission, high profile entrepreneurs and start-up investors.


The event will focus on key technologies and digital solutions against the background of the following three strategic Lighthouse Programs defined by EIT RawMaterials:




  • Sustainable Exploration and Mining 

  • Digitalization and AI in mining

  • Advanced geological reconnaissance 

  • Efficient mineral processing 

  • Resource Efficiency: reduction waste and emissions & usage water and energy




  • Advanced materials for electric mobility, energy production and storage

  • Advanced materials for lightweight design

  • Substitution of critical raw materials with new advance materials

  • Increased recyclability of materials




  • Increased industrial waste valorisation

  • Technologies and new business models for increased industrial symbiosis

  • Advanced or substitute materials for increased circular use

  • New business models & product design for circularity

Raw materials start-up village & venture forum

Raw Materials STARTUP VILLAGE and a Raw Materials VENTURE FORUM will take place throughout the conference in conjunction with Tech Tour and the International Venture Club (IVC) holding an investment-dedicated track. 


The investment track is focused on showcasing the best innovations and investment opportunities within the materials industry in Europe and will serve as a qualifying event for the top companies to present at the European Venture Contest Final 2020.


The Forum's agenda includes 30 presentations by pre-selected companies, discussion panels, keynotes and networking, representing the Raw Materials value chain and market, including executives from leading tech companies, international venture capitalists. The presenting companies will also have the opportunity to benefit from our CEO Masterclasses and workshops (taking place on 18 May).

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Discover INNOVATION and NEW TECHNOLOGIES along the entire

raw materials value chain. The event will focus on key technologies and digital solutions, following EIT RawMaterials strategic

lighthouse innovation programmes: 

  • Sustainable Discovery and Supply

  • Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility 

  • Raw Materials and Circular Societies




Use the opportunity to learn and discuss about the EU POSITIONING, looking into the future challenges ahead, such as strategic issues

related to materials criticality, global supply, resource & energy

efficiency and economic development. 


This year we are going to focus on the EU GREEN DEAL as the new

growth strategy that aims to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy.




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