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The Future of Waste NdFeB Rare Earth Permanent Magnets and their Role in a Circular Economy
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The presentation will update on the upscaling activities of the DISPLAY project aiming at an improved recovery of raw materials from display appliances and printed circuit boards. It comprises collection systems of such wide-spread products and a process chain combining electrohydraulic fragmentation, spectroscopic sorting and plastics recovery.



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DISPLAY is a EIT raw material upscaling project and aims at the recovery of valuable raw materials from end of life display devices and printed circuit boards. State of the art recycling is currently performed in smelting processes as the devices are too small for manual recycling methods or my cause safety issues in shredder based technologies due to enclosed Li ion batteries. Through a novel combination of separation techniques including electrohydraulic fragmentation (EHF) and automated sorting it is possible to separate display appliances into different fractions like displays, batteries and metals. These fractions are then processed by further downstream recycling technologies. In addition a polymer rich fraction is generated and treated with the CreaSolv® Process, which is a solvent based recycling process for mixed polymer waste capable of recovering pure polymers from mixed plastic waste. By this process we successfully recover high quality PC/ABS from end of life display devices.
Establishing of suitable process chains is supported by business models to ensure both, technical and economic feasibility. However, sourcing of waste display appliances is a main issue of the DISPLAY project, as these appliances are often supplied in the second hand market or wasted outside official collection schemes of waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE).


PS6 - Resource Efficiency Cities

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Wed Feb 13 2019 16:32:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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