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The Future of Waste NdFeB Rare Earth Permanent Magnets and their Role in a Circular Economy
Abstract Summary

CHROMIC aims to recover valuable metals (mainly chromium, but also niobium, molybdenum and vanadium) from steel, stainless steel and ferrochrome slags through a smart combination of mineral processing, selective leaching and efficient metal recovery. Valorisation of the residues after metal recovery is a key aspect of the value chain.



Full Abstract

The CHROMIC project is developing new recovery processes for chromium, niobium, molybdenum and vanadium. These four metals are crucial for the European industry, but they are sourced mainly from outside Europe. Europe does have large stocks of industrial by-products, such as steel, stainless steel and ferrochrome slags, which contain significant amounts of these four elements that are currently not fully exploited. These slags are used mainly as aggregates in the construction industry, with small fractions of some slags even being landfilled. In these applications, the entrapped valuable elements are not used to their full value. The CHROMIC project aims to unlock the potential of these resources, by developing new sustainable ways of metal recovery, leading to a zero-waste recycling of the entire slag materials.
The project will focus on carbon steel (CS), stainless steel (SS) and ferrochrome (FeCr) production chains. CHROMIC will develop, test and validate smart combinations of existing methods and new technological innovations to extract valuable and critical raw materials from the slags in the most sustainable way. To ensure that the technologies are in line with the requirements of the circular economy and market demand, an iterative assessment is performed taking into account not only economic but also environmental and health aspects. Local and professional communities are involved in the assessment through participatory events.


PS6 - Resource Efficiency Cities

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